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Have you been finding yourself in shouting matches with your two-year-old?

Maybe temper tantrums leave you wanting to lie down on the floor and cry too. Or maybe you just feel like you’re in over your head now that your baby has become a toddler. It is exhausting taking care of this tiny human who is just discovering the idea of independence. It’s even more exhausting when nothing you do seems to work and every interaction becomes a battle. Take a deep breath, Mama. Even the best of moms have been there, done that. It might feel like an endless uphill battle, but you will make it through. And when the going gets tough and you can’t climb that hill by yourself, those of us here at the Care Clinic would love to offer the parenting help you need. We may not be able to watch your toddler for you (though we’d love to meet them!), but we can give you the tips and teach you the skills to make parenting your toddler a bit easier.

How do we do that? Welcome to our Earn While You Learn program.

We could do what all the parenting websites do, and give you a list of the top 10 or 20 tips and skills to make parenting your toddler easier. But there are dozens of lists out there already, and many lists contradict each other with their advice. One will tell you that X is a foolproof technique, while another will say that X is not worth your time and you should try Y instead. The fact of the matter is, every toddler is different, and there is no one tried and true way to raise them “right.” So instead we’d like to invite you to the Earn While You Learn program, where one of our volunteer mentors will work with you one-on-one and help you to curate the parenting lessons that will help with the struggles that you are facing. Did we mention that it’s totally free?

Here’s a small sampling of the video lessons you can choose from to help you on your parenting journey:

“Milestones”: This video series offers you insight on all of the developmental milestones your toddler is expected to reach as they get older. It’s a great lesson set to use combined with other classes so that you can watch each video for your toddler’s upcoming milestones as they come, and get an idea of what to expect over the next few months. The videos cover milestones from 12 months all the way up to three years old, and are about twenty minutes each.

“Creating…”: This is one of our mentors’ favorite video series to go through with clients. These videos will help you learn important parenting skills to teach your children important values and behaviors. Learn how to create motivation, inspire kindness, give courage, and more. This is an evidence-based series with five videos each about twenty minutes long.

“Have a New Kid by Friday”: No, this video series isn’t about how to replace your toddler, as tempted as you may be when they drive you up the wall. This series, featuring Dr. Kevin Leman, is one of the more spiritual ones offered through our program, but he offers solid advice and good parenting tips regardless of your spiritual status. These videos will help you learn about different parenting styles, the things your child needs from you, ways that your attitude can make a difference, and more. Each video is about thirty minutes long. We also offer Dr. Leman’s other video lesson series, “Value-Packed Parenting,” with tips and advice not covered in “Have a New Kid by Friday.”

“One Heart, Two Homes”: If you’re a single mom or dad, or step parent to a child from your spouse’s previous relationship, this may be the video series for you. This series offers separate sets of lessons for single mothers, single fathers, stepmothers, and stepfathers each. The videos will help you to establish a co-parenting system that works for you and your child’s other parent, and addresses how to handle important matters such as handoffs, special occasions, remarriage, and even ways to recognize potential issues of abuse and addiction. These videos are a little on the longer side, averaging between thirty to forty minutes, but they are full of helpful information for anyone who is co-parenting.

Individual lessons: In addition to all the series listed above, there are lots of individual lessons on different subjects to help you with parenting your toddler. These cover everything from basics like oral hygiene and potty training to challenges such as recognizing and managing the signs and symptoms of ADHD. Even better, more lessons are being added every month, so your learning options are constantly expanding.

So take another deep breath. We know this parenting thing is tough. But we don’t think you have to do this parenting thing alone. If you need help figuring out how to raise a crazy toddler, our doors will always be open.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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