Our Services

our-servicesThe Care Clinic is a limited medical facility providing the following free confidential services:

Pregnancy Tests & Limited Ultrasounds
Our trained professionals can perform urine tests & ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy as well as provide expectant women & men with a visual of their tiny life.

Earn While You Learn Program
Individualized lessons prepare and educate parents on a wide variety of topics including pregnancy, childbirth, infancy, milestones, discipline, etc. Baby Bucks are earned by completing lessons.

Options Counseling
Education is provided on parenting, abortion and adoption to help expectant parents to feel supported and confident in their life choices.

Healing Services
Specialized programs are offered called Tranquil Tears & Surrendering the Secret for those who have or are suffering from reproductive trauma such as: miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant loss, or abortion.

Community Agency Referrals
Referrals are made to WIC, housing, education, employment, adoption, Medicaid, and mental health.

Sexual Integrity/Health Education
Healthy Relationships Curriculum for women & men are available.

Family Resource Closet
Clients can redeem Baby Bucks for material items.

Authentic Manhood
Our men’s program assists men in understanding how important their role is to their family & children. Our curriculum will help them define what Authentic Manhood looks like & how to achieve that regardless of their past.

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