Our Center

The Care Clinic, formerly known as Pregnancy Services, was established in 1973. Our mission is to give emotional, spiritual, and material assistance to any woman facing a pregnancy. We are here for women who decide to parent, abort, or place their baby in adoption. We are also here for those women who have a negative pregnancy test and are at risk for a future unexpected pregnancy.

We have always offered our services at no charge. We also offer new and used baby clothing, maternity clothing, and other items at no cost. We use an “Earn While You Learn” program so that clients can earn needed items by attending educational sessions.

Care Clinic became a Limited Medical Clinic with ultrasound capability in 2006 and we established a Men's Mentoring Program in 2007.

Our Satellite locations in K.I. Sawyer, established in 2012, and Ishpeming, established in 2019, have sought to involve a wide variety of community volunteers and supporters with the purpose and intent of giving emotional and material assistance to any person needing support within any of the communities surrounding our three centers. Without the support of the communities of Marquette, Gwinn and Ishpeming, our centers would not be able to do what they do for the families within them.