"I came here crying, feeling like a failure. Your staff helped me realize there is help and hope and that I’m not alone.”

“I am very happy that I came to Care Clinic because they were very helpful and they provided me with a lot of information with my decision.”

"I have kept my secret for over 40 years not discussing it with anyone, only to make a confession to a priest when I was pregnant with my now adult child. Even though I made a confession and hoped for forgiveness, I could not forgive myself. I carried the shame, guilt, loneliness, and separation from God because I did not feel good enough to be forgiven and much more, until I came across “Surrendering the Secret”. I had heard about this before but did not attend. I attempted but could not do it.

I knew for years something was wrong, but I did not identify it with the abortion of many years ago and at a young age. I happened to attend a function this year for the Care Clinic and it was mentioned about the yellow slip of paper to pick up for the 8 week study to heal. I found that paper and made the call. The first step, only with the help of God, could I do this finally.

I was so scared to enter that door, and once in I wanted to run out the door. I then looked forward to the healing process (still going on) that I found there. The facilitators were so calming, understanding, sensitive, reassuring, encouraging, and nonjudgmental and guided us through a very emotional process. I am forever grateful for the program and the love and dedication we received. I feel a sense of calmness and new life. No longer do I feel trapped by the secret I held for so long. I am free. I know this is a process and God has plans for me. Thanks to the program, Dana and Connie and the group. I felt bonded to the other member and needed her. She is forever in my heart.

Something I heard the other day... Time does not heal, God does. Amen"

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